Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome from Professor Parks

Hello, everyone.

I am the new instructor for the "Collaborative Writing Practices: Game Design" course, and I am honored that Prof. Goeller has invited me to teach the course and to continue his blog.

I am a professional designer of board games and card games. My game design studio, Quixotic Games, has developed 12 published games, and we are continuously working on more. I have worked for years with an amazing team of developers and they have taught me many lessons about artistic collaboration.

For more information about Quixotic Games and the games we have created, please visit our website at

Our First Class

The Spring '12 class had our first meeting this past Wednesday, and we took the opportunity to discuss the world of game design and to enjoy two card games: Apples to Apples and Guillotine. Our initial development teams have been formed, and our first project will be an original card game. I look forward to hearing your game concepts this Wednesday!


Andrew Parks

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