Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Final Game Projects, Fall 2009

The following are the blogs of the final game projects for Fall 2009.

Alphabet Soup Blog -- Alphabet Soup Website
Alphabet Soup is a word game where players compete in order to win letters until someone can make a word. Play-testers found it very involving and fun.

Hold Your Breath Blog -- Hold Your Breath Website
Hold Your Breath is a maze game where players are divers in search of pearls. Follow the maze to get in and out and get to the top with the most pearls.

Generation Genius Blog -- Generation Genius Website
Generation Genius is a trivia based card game pitting the younger generation against baby boomers, with questions directed at both groups. It's to your advantage to be able to cross generations.

Castle Escape (formerly Castle Crusher)
Castle Escape is a strategic board game which I think of as Stratego turned inside out. Players compete to get their princess character out of the castle and back home while trying to block their opponent from making progress.

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