Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Upcoming Class Schedule

October 14, 2009
• Last day to work together in class on your first group games, web sites, blog, box, board, etc.

October 21, 2009
• Peer Review for Final Game Concepts -- bring two proposals
• Game Evaluations for First Group Games

October 28, 2009
• Presentations – 5 minute pitches. Pitch one of your game concepts to the class. You have five minutes to do so and should use some visual aids. You must also turn in to me descriptions of your two game concepts. Remember, your proposals are worth 5 points each, and group leaders will receive a 5 point bonus.
• Kickball Groups

The final game proposals should be like the initial game proposals -- about two pages in length with some form of illustration. It is important that you do TWO proposals and workshop both ideas on October 21st, even though you are only going to present one idea (your best one) to the whole class. I want you to test your creativity and expand your possibilities before deciding on one to present. Game concepts can be for any type of board, card, or tile game, so long as it would be possible to design that game in class and create a usable prototype for others to play. As with the first games, you should create a final game that anyone can download and recreate based on your instructions and online materials (without any special tools or craftsmanship.)

I will update the remainder of the class schedule here shortly.

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